My Diary in Colour: So far..

So starting a Residency is really exciting, but the daunting concept that there will be an exhibition providing creative evidence that you’ve been a ‘pro active artist’ can you a little creatively flaccid..

Nevertheless, I have a concept. I have route to guide my work. Brilliant. My work evolves around colour and how art can make you feel. I’ve often sidetracked in using, self as the subject of my work, but I felt like it was time.

I have had a rather devastating few years for multiple reasons, but whats important is that I have a very exciting chapter ahead of me. I will be moving to Italy after my show and its been a dream that I wasn’t sure would come true. Not only that I have this astounding opportunity to make art and host MY FIRST SOLO SHOW before I go. Wow, what a change. What an exciting change.

To morn and put to rest these past years and celebrate my new chapter I will be displaying my diary on the walls. Because it me, it will all be visual and based on colour theory. I don’t feel like words will be enough or even appropriate.

I’ll keep you posted on some of the idea’s I have. Input is alway great, so leave a comment if you feel inspired!

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