My Diary in Colour

My first solo show on 3rd-14th September @bathartiststudios. The exhibition is evidence of my Studio Residencey Exchange between Town Hall Arts and Bath Artist Studio’s Join me in uniting Trowbridge and Bath in my first solo show!


[In the BAS Program]
Over the last two years, artists from the communities of practice focussed on Town Hall Arts in Trowbridge and Bath Artists’ Studios have exchanged residencies over the Summer. This year at BAS we welcome painter Marianne Micoud Flewitt.

I am a visual artist that explores abstraction through colour theory. My artwork so far carries a theme of evoking personal reflection. I choose to create this response through colour and surface. As the result of my process, I achieve different interpretations of my paintings making them subjective and unique to every individual. My work develops through the artists’ and the art observers’ response to my work. Therefore, it is imperative to have an active and ongoing interaction with my audience and fellow artists.