A bit about me

I graduated from my Fine Art Hons (2:1) Degree from University of Gloucestershire in 2015

I had a wonderful experience teaching art to adults and children with thanks to a brilliant creative, Vivian Ayres, at Cheltenham School of Fine Art during the time of my degree and for a short time afterwards.

I moved to Sicily for a month for my creative practise and it changed my career path entirely. As a lot of you understand being an artist is hard and finically sometimes it feels impossible. I have always worked alongside my making and painting. I met some wonderful EFL teachers in a beautiful place and saw that they had the time and inspiration to make art alongside their day job. Because of that experience, I am now a fully qualified EFL teacher with a CELTA certificate. I love teaching and this is an opportunity that uses my creativity and my innate need to communicate. With all of this in mind, I am moving to South Italy after my exhibition so I can continue to be inspired and have the luxury of being able to practice my creative career alongside my exciting day job..